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Travel Clinic Erasmus MC is Erasmus MC’s travel and vaccination clinic in Rotterdam. We provide travelers with travel health advice and vaccinations against infectious diseases that occur in other regions of the world. In addition, we vaccinate patients who have a reduced immune response due to an illness or the treatment they are receiving, and students who may be exposed to infectious diseases during their studies or internships.

Center of expertise

We work closely with internists and infectious disease specialists at Erasmus MC. We provide shared services, conduct research, and provide education and training programs for professionals.

Patient en arts in spreekkamer

Close contact with infectious disease specialists

Travel Clinic Erasmus MC provides standard travel consultations and consultations for travelers with special health needs (e.g. those with an illness or chronic condition). These travelers are seen by the infectious disease specialists at the hospital and usually receive their vaccinations at the Travel Clinic on the same day. The infectious disease specialists are also available during the standard travel consultations. This ensures knowledge exchange, and colleagues can consult one another where necessary.

Docent voor groep cursisten Tropencursus


Travel Clinic Erasmus MC is a knowledge center for physicians and nurses who want to work in the tropics and subtropics, who want to provide travel advice, or who have a professional interest in tropical diseases. We are available for consultations and advice in order to share our knowledge with others, and we provide education and training programs. We organize an eight-day Tropical course and facilitate the Travel Advice for GPs and Travel Advice for GP Assistants and General Practice Nurses modules.

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Medical research

Erasmus MC conducts research on infectious diseases and vaccines, including on how vaccines work and their effectiveness in different groups. Erasmus MC is responsible for setting up and coordinating this research. Travel Clinic Erasmus MC is involved with the implementation of the research. The participants will therefore have contact with staff of the Travel Clininc once the fieldwork starts.