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When considering whether or not to vaccinate, the risk posed by the vaccine itself is balanced against the risk of a serious adverse reaction and the risk of catching a serious disease. So called “live vaccines” should never be given to pregnant women. These include vaccinations against yellow fever, mumps, measles and rubella. We further advise waiting one month after such a vaccination before becoming pregnant.

Decisions about vaccinations during pregnancy

Whether or not be vaccinated - especially when pregnant and contemplating a journey abroad - is a decision that should be taken in consultation with an expert in the field of health advice for travellers, who can take into consideration each person’s special circumstances. All of the following need to be carefully evaluated for each individual:

  • The risk of catching a disease (taking into consideration the destination, the proposed length of stay and the prevalence of disease).
  • The consequences of falling ill (the severity of such an illness for the individual).
  • The possible side effects of certain vaccines.

Breast feeding

Most vaccines can be given while breastfeeding. A yellow fever vaccination is not recommended during breast-feeding (until the child is 6 months old).