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Traveling with an immune disorder or condition shouldn’t be a problem with the right preparations

Who can make an appointment at our clinic?

People who are living with an illness or chronic condition are at greater risk of serious infections than other travelers. This is true, for instance, if you are taking drugs that affect your immune system such as Prednisone or other anti-inflammatories, and drugs for rheumatic disorders or autoimmune diseases. Drugs that suppress the immune system after an organ transplant or drugs prescribed for a malignant disease  also increase the risk of infection. Other high-risk groups include people who do not have a spleen.

Pregnant women do not fall into the category of travelers with special health needs and can use our standard services.

Individualized advice

The internists and infectious disease specialists of Erasmus MC run a special clinic for travelers with special health needs. You will receive individualized advice on vaccinations and other steps that you can take before, during, and after your trip to minimize risks. Erasmus MC will provide aftercare to travelers with special health needs who experience health issues after returning from their trip. This aftercare is also provided through the clinic.

Making an appointment

You will need to make an appointment to attend the clinic for travelers with special health needs. You can do this by calling +31(0) 6 50 031 973. Make your appointment well before you are due to travel. You will require a referral from your GP or attending specialist for the appointment.