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Before the consultation

After you make an appointment with our clinic, you will receive a confirmation email that includes an online intake form. We ask you to complete the form with details of your destination, the duration of your trip and your planned activities for the trip. You will also be asked to provide information on your health and any medication that you are taking. The travel clinic nurse will prepare individual vaccination and malaria advice based on this information.

During the consultation

We will discuss the vaccination and malaria advice with you on the day of your consultation. You will receive the recommended vaccinations immediately, and, if necessary, you will be given a prescription for malaria prophylaxis. You can buy the prophylaxis at your own pharmacy after the consultation. There will be plenty of time during your appointment to ask any questions you may have. We take extra time for your children if they accompany you to your appointment.

Follow-up consultation?

If necessary, a follow-up appointment will be made. This is because some vaccinations require more than one dose to prevent a disease. After your consultation, you will only pay for the consultation and the vaccinations/prescriptions that you received at that time. Any follow-up appointments will therefore not be charged after the initial consultation.